The Uses And Different Types Of Kitchen Splashbacks

For the ordinary, regular persons who are currently still planning out their “dream” houses, they may tend to be not so particular about certain features or aspects. For instance, they may choose any type or brand of tile flooring just because they are cheaper. They may choose to install vinyl tiles as their overall flooring material, not realizing that this is not a good material to have in the kitchen area. Since there will be plenty of accidental liquid spillages in the kitchen, the vinyl tiles placed here may be ruined quickly or even removed from the base floor easily.

Kitchen Splashbacks, Bespoke or Coloured? - The House of Ugly Fish

The same can also be said with their choice of pipes and taps for their house plumbing system bespoke splashback . Again, quality is usually compromised since they would opt to get ones that are more affordable and within their budgets now. The problem is, such cheap and lower quality products will give the home-owners problems and nightmares in the future since they will eventually break down immediately due to regular use.

In addition, there are now many new essential kitchen and house fixtures that not all regular house planners or designers may even be aware of. Or they would deem such features as not important or necessarily useful. For instance, not many people know what splashbacks are or their use in the kitchen.

Splashbacks are kitchen features that are installed and designed to protect walls from damage caused by splattered food and water splashed on the surfaces. They are also now being used in bathrooms as well by the more discerning home owners.

There are different types of splashbacks based on the materials they are made of:

Tile splashbacks are very affordable and are the most popular choice of materials. They come in different colors and styles. Because of the crevices they have though, they are harder to clean and if not properly and regularly cleaned, molds and other bacteria will thrive here.

Stainless steel splashbacks give any kitchen an elegant and sleek look. They are very sturdy, long lasting and are easy to clean. They are also costlier and another drawback is that they can get marked or scratched quite easily.

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