The Recipe for Making an A Grade Math Student – What Is Required of Parents and Teachers?

Math is a subject that has been taught to every pupil from the very beginning of their academic career, the reason being that it has applications in almost all fields of study. No matter what career path a student has chosen, they are very likely to come across mathematics in one form or another. The famous English scientist, Lord Kelvin has said that only when you can express scientific phenomena in numbers can you claim that you have an understanding of science. It is a statement that history has proven time and again, with mathematics providing the base to prove the theories put forth by scientists and philosophers.

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This is the reason why math has become a compulsory content of all school curricula at the primary level It will be a lie to say that studying mathematics, at any stage of education, is a simple matter. It is a subject that has always required the utmost mental concentration and practice to master – and this is the reason why most children have shied away from it, and also why teachers have been required to be creative, open minded and dedicated to instil a clear understanding of the subject to their pupils – without it, there can be no hope of the young students to shine in their later educational career. The cooperation of parents with their child’s teacher has also been paramount in ensuring that their kid becomes good in mathematics.

Starting with teachers, the best way to encourage a child to practice math has been to give them a clear concept of the topic being taught. The only way this has been possible is by maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the class, and by giving examples from real life that relate to what is being taught in the class. This has been proven to ensure that the students remain focused on what is being taught by keeping their interest from wandering off. Educational experts have also maintained that teachers make an effort to ensure participation from the class, by asking questions from pupils to make sure that they have understood and practiced the topics they have previously been taught.

Another, rather obvious, advice for teachers has been to never do or say anything that discourages a student from practicing mathematics, that is to say, a teacher should never scold a student for making a mistake, no matter how trivial it seems. An insult from a childhood teacher has been enough to damage the educational prospects of many a talented student.

Parents have also been advised to play their part in encouraging their child to study the subject by keeping a regular check on their child’s class progress and homework diary. Parents have often been counseled by teachers to help their child with their homework personally, and if that isn’t possible, the parents should try to obtain the assistance of a professional math tutor. They should also give appreciation and credit to their child for securing good grades in math.

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