3 Types of Trusted Online Gambling Games Played with Dominoes

Dominoes are very popular in Asia and there are several game menus, all of which are played with dominoes. In Asia, the domino card is often used as a game medium compared to a standard deck of 52 cards. This is a unique card with only 28 pieces, which are much smaller than regular cards but thick enough to make pieces. Many other trusted online games of chance are played with this dominoes, and all of them are interesting to bettors.

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You could say they can reminisce or play a whole new game of dominoes that they have never played before. Currently it is not difficult to find agents who will select dominoes as their main gambling product category, but bettors must also choose which domino game is most likely to win. The average game of dominoes doesn’t even need a strategy to win, and here are some types of games in the dominoes category, including:

Qiu Qiu

This is a category of gambling where the goal of the weather is to win the number 9. Here bettors compete with other nominal betting cards and whoever has the highest nominal amount wins even without receiving a value of 9. But if you get a value of 9 or 8, the bettor can win. Bettors are not allowed to have cards with a face value greater than 9 as double-digit numbers do not count in this Qiu Qiu domino game. If there is someone whose four cards add up to a number greater than 9, the first digit is discarded and only the second digit is used to compete with other bettors. Qiu means 9 in Chinese, so if you manage to get Qiu Qiu the weather will get the jackpot.


This is a domino game of chance that is much simpler and also the easiest to play without playing complicated and difficult betting rounds for bettors. Here every bettor receives two cards face down from the start and they can take a look at the card dealt by the dealer and then add the circles on the card, but here too 9 is the highest number in the game of dominoes, so there are no two-digit numbers. Then all bettors will play their cards against each other and whoever gets the highest face value is the winner.


Another type of gambling that is also popular is BandarQ. What is unique is that the style of play is the same as in AduQ, but there is a difference as here the bettor has to beat the dealer or the dealer who runs the game for you. This means that the number of your cards must be greater than the dealer’s, but the highest number must not exceed 9 and you will be considered a winner if you beat the dealer.

These are the different types of trusted QQ Online terpercaya gambling games, all of which are played with dominoes as the medium for the game, and it appears that these games are all easy to play with no complicated betting rounds and even no special skills.

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