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Get to witness the cutting-edge performance with the latest mobile phone from Samsung – the innovative Vivo V21E. Get to experience the mind-blowing feature as this phone features a powerful dual-core processor and a beautiful curved screen and gorgeous camera set up Vivo V21e . It comes with colourful designs, and also boasts an attractive futuristic design that you will surely love.

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The brain behind the Samsung Vivo V21E is the Samsung Exynos processor. This chip has a quad-core processor that runs on a ARM core that provides the power for all the processing power. The Samsung Exynos processor is the smallest among all the mobile phones to be launched from Samsung so far. It features an octa-core processor, which aids you to perform high-end tasks or run multiple high-resolution images and simultaneously take photos and videos. The dual-core processor has an enhanced modem that enables it to be connected with different wifi networks. The camera has an eight mega- pixel camera that is perfect for taking clear pictures of your family, friends and close landscapes.

With a beautiful camera, the Samsung Vivo V 21E enables you to snap all those memorable moments that will help you recall the essence of your life. You can click beautiful images of your kids, spouse, mother and others with the help of the camera’s Self-shot functionality. The Samsung vivo smartphone has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera that allows you take photos of yourself or others with ease.

The camera has a unique feature called Dual Shot that allows the user to take a still photo and a video with the help of two cameras simultaneously. This gives you a unique advantage as you can click both photographs using the Self-shot functionality to get a panoramic view of the surroundings. The dual-camera functionality works on the basis of a patented technology called Dual Shot technology that takes photos using two cameras at the same time without affecting the resolution quality of the videos. The Samsung vivo V 21E comes with a special camera application called Night mode which enhances your camera ability to capture photographs in low light situation where normal cameras would not work.

The Vivo smartphone has a complete set of features that are especially designed to make your digital life enjoyable. The connectivity options offered by Samsung allow you to connect to a Bluetooth headset for Bluetooth audio support while you are away from your phone. With the Samsung Aviation modes, you can switch between airplane mode and vehicle mode automatically. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen according to your preference. For those who want to enjoy their multimedia experience to the fullest, the Galaxy Explore and Samsung Galaxy Tab enable you to download multiple high resolution images and play them at the same time without any problem. The Vivo v 21E offers a total privacy control facility that protects your data with effective anti spyware and privacy protection tools.

The Samsung vivo V 21E comes with a single SIM card and a microSD slot. There is no double card support and the card accepts all major US Card types including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The phone comes with a unique dual camera and gallery modes that enables you to enjoy better picture quality. You can also enjoy video chatting facilities along with its ability to browse the web using the Chrome browser. The Vivo v 21E runs on the Windows interface and offers the users an innovative multitasking feature that makes it easy for you to run multiple tasks simultaneously. You can download the Samsungomnia application from the Samsung website and get rid of insomnia completely.

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