Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop – Why It’s So Important To Stop Coprophagia

A usual problem that plenty of dog owners face is called coprophagia, and what it means is dogs who consume other animals and their own poop. If you are like 99.99% of the rest of the population and find this as a disgusting habit, then you would without a doubt want to know how to stop your dog from eating poop.

Nobody would like to have a dog lick them that has just consumed some poop (YUCK!) and even a whole lot worse a dog that eats the excretion of its own or even other animals can get rather sick and contract internal parasites, worms, and all types of diseases which can be transferred to us! This is a predicament that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible, since it creates such a tremendous health risk for the dog and for the family. To stop your dog from eating poop you must understand the logic behind why your dog is eating poop and then apply a solution.

The initial thing you must do to stop your dog from eating poop is to take your dog to the veterinarian for a check-up to see if your dog has currently contracted any harmful bacteria’s. If the fact is your dog has, the veterinarian should be able to supply you with some prescription drugs that will dispose of those harmful bacteria’s or worms. Following this very first step you can concentrate on getting your dog to stop eating poop.

Listed directly below are the top triggers that cause a dog to eat poop:

1. If a dog is hungry, and there is not any food source around a dog will turn to eating its own poop. The resolution to this cause is straightforward, feed your dog more food. You need to be feeding your dog twice a day. Other dietary causes are that a dog isn’t getting enough nutrition from their food. The dogs poop will still have similar smells to its meal and your dog can still smell all the nutrients in there so to fulfill itself your dog will eat the poop. To stop your dog from eating poop when they lack nutrients, all you have to do is feed your dog more homemade healthy, nutritious, and well balanced meals. To stop your dog from eating poop, you can also add things that will make his food smell less appealing to him when it comes out the other side, like pineapple, pumpkin and spinach. Be certain that you don’t over feed your dog though, as this would likewise add to your dogs poo eating issues.

2. Dogs will sometimes eat poop as a means to maintain cleanliness in their area. Mother dogs will typically eat the poop of their young to keep the sleeping space clean. If you have your dog confined to a cage or small area, then be sure that it is clean and not filled with poo. It is thoroughly the duty of the pet owner to give a caged dog regular toilet breaks and to clean up any accidents that occur immediately.

3. If a dog has been punished wrongly for pooping in the house, he could come to feel that he was punished for pooping alone, and not where he did it. Dogs will then eat their own poop to conceal the proof that they have pooped, because the owner made them think that pooping is completely wrong. They are afraid that they will get punished again. In this scenario you can stop your dog from eating poop by instructing it effectively where it can go to the bathroom. You need to show it that pooping is not a bad thing. You should never ever punish a dog.

4. Dogs that are lonely, bored or suffering from anxiety generally tend to eat poop. To stop your dog from eating poop when they are bored, lonely, or have stress anxiety it can be important that you spend a lot of time with your dog and provide plenty of exercise. For dogs with separation anxiety you ought to try and handle this issue and that would also solve your dogs coprophagia problem also.

You must make a schedule so that you can identify when your dog will poop, this is so that you are there when it does it so you can clean it up as soon as possible. You can furthermore stop your dog from eating poop by giving it a tiny fright when you find it in the act of eating it’s own poop. They either make some loud noise, like shout out their dogs name and run away so their dog comes, make loud noises with a can filled with coins or rocks, blow on a whistle, and in some cases a quick squirt of water is in most cases enough to surprise the dog and realize that if it tries to eat the stools then uncomfortable sounds and water will be associated with it and will learn to stop eating its own stools.

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