Capture a Slice of History in Your Porcelain Doll Collection With a Chinese Porcelain Doll

Chinese porcelain dolls celebrate the many different aspects of life. Literary characters, virtues, royalty, and life events are all depicted in these fabulous dolls. Their colorful dress is representative of the fine quality and attention to detail used when crafting these collectible dolls. Each one captures forever a slice of history, preserving it for many future generations to enjoy ラブドール .

Through the many years of Chinese history, porcelain dolls have changed dramatically. Antique Chinese porcelain dolls are more like figurines, often small figures with only one or two colors. The antique dolls are beautiful in any setting, but are very difficult to locate, and very expensive to purchase. The more modern depictions are much more colorful, lifelike, and better able to tell the stories and events they are inspired by.

Chinese porcelain dolls showing the dress of royalty in different dynasties can be easily located. Each dynasty in Chinese history celebrated history in the costuming. The dolls show us the changes in colors and styles of costuming from each dynasty. Some were more delicate, others were more flamboyant. They are a visual depiction of this long and storied history.

Chinese porcelain dolls are also shown to celebrate treasured virtues, like maidenhood or beauty. The dolls depicting maidenhood is often shown with a fan, and has a modest hairstyle and dress. A doll showing beauty often has a large flamboyant hairstyle and dress. Some are shown with an accessory such as a fan, while others are left in their natural splendor.

Literary characters are represented in full form, grace, and beauty. Chinese folklore has a long history of being passed from one generation to the next, and is preserved in the Chinese porcelain dolls depicting characters from these stories.. Symbolizing characters from popular novels and folktales also show the rich traditions and history of this country. As each story is preserved by the Chinese porcelain doll, future generations can hear and learn from them.

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