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Spearfishing is one of the most popular extreme competitive sports these days, so it is no surprise that more and more people are inclined to join the ranks of experienced spearos or spear fishermen who take to the waters every weekend for their fill of adventure and excitement. Among all the other 7.62×39 bulk ammo types of fishing, it is considered the most environment-friendly since it leaves no by-catch and lures in the water. Tips for a Successful Spearfishing Trip

Spearfishing enhances and improves what traditional rods and reels do. You need to be first off, very adept at using a spear gun and be equally knowledgeable about its parts and ammos to ensure you experience successful hunting trips every time. Whether you go reef hunting, big-fish hunting or blue water hunting, knowing what you’re doing contributes significantly to the enhancement of your spearfishing skills.

One thing for example that you should be aware of is your type of spears. The way a spear fires under water always affects your shooting and dictates the way you should target your prey. Spear tips have the ability to pierce most fish skins with very little force. It makes a hole that releases a cable which hooks inside the fish allowing you to reel it in.

If you like hunting for big game fish like mahi mahi and ono, slip tips are what you need to use. Even though it was initially developed for big grouper that hide in reefs and shallow water, it can be used virtually anywhere. These spears are made of solid steel and are powerful enough to skewer very large fish as its point is strong enough to cut through scales, flesh and up to the bone. They are best used in short ranges but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for long range shots. It’s all just a matter of planning your shot before actually letting go.

Barbed spearheads on the other hand, have short points and floppers that extend like wings. When they shoot through the fish, the floppers get lodged in deep so the fish can’t shake it off. They also have high accuracy as the floppers also tend to make the spear stay on course and not drop much in the water as they zip to the target.

Another thing you should remember is to choose good lures. Chums, or oily chunks of fish can be scattered on the surface of the water and make good lures because they have a smell that attracts fish and a shimmer that is visually attractive as well. Examples of chum are sardines, squids and salmon. Good lures also include flashers which are made of reflective tape, plastic or polished metal because they are able to catch the light. To avoid attracting sharks, which is the case when you use chum, it is best to go for a great set of flashers.

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