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Times are difficult these days, and many people are out of work. Unemployment is running rampant, and when job vacancies open up, they quickly receive an overwhelming number of resumes from qualified applicants security companies in London. In fact, many people are willing to work below their education level just to have an income and benefits. There is one sector of the economy that is doing well these days, however – private security.

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Security guard jobs do not have high education requirements, include training, have flexible hours and good pay with benefits. As such, they are becoming increasingly popular for many people without college degrees, or current students.

Many new employees of security companies receive security guard training as initiation. In fact, given the growth in the security industry, these training programs are now longer and more in depth than ever. They will teach surveillance and monitoring skills, patrol routes, as well as procedures for escalating situations.

These training programs are generally customized to the environment in which the company operates – casino security, for example, will have special emphasis in surveillance and spotting cheaters, while bank security will be more focused on detecting and neutralizing potential bank robbers. If you have entered an armed guard program you will receive weapons training and security procedure, so you will know when force is authorized and justified. It is a great responsibility, which is why training is so deep.

It is important to note that while security guard jobs do not require any college degree, having an associates degree or bachelors degree will help your chances of being hired and promoted. College degrees teach important skills like studying, problem solving, and leadership that are critical for successful security professionals.

Aside from the skills learnt during training, being in shape is critical to superior performance in the security industry. While you will not be taking trespassers down every shift, it is important to be able to handle any physical procedure required in the moment. Plus, you will spend most of your shift on your feet, either patrolling or assigned to a specific post. The work is standard and routine, but security guards are well paid to always be on the lookout for an upcoming security situation.

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