Airsoft Guns Are a Great Alternative to the Real Thing

 Airsoft Guns Are a Great Alternative to the Real Thing

In the late 1970’s, in Japan, there was a nationwide ban on firearms. It was no longer legal to sell, transport, or own any kind of weapon. However, this did not stop people .38 special ammo  from wanting to do target practice or engage in paramilitary games. Then somebody came up with the idea of an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns look like real guns. They are only a little bit lighter than steel weapons. Often, you get the same recoil from an airsoft gun. However, they are not designed to do anyone harm. This was the perfect solution for Japan.

Today, people all over the world are using airsoft guns for military simulations and range practice. Some police forces even use these guns for official training exercises. Except for their ammunition, airsoft guns are almost like the real thing.

When fired point blank, plastic BBs can hurt as much as rubber bullets, however most people engaging in military simulations with airsoft guns wear thick military garb. Additionally, precautions are taken to protect the neck, face, and eyes. Many people chose to wear a balaclava around their face and neck and ANSI approved eye protect is a must. The only place that plastic BBs can really cause damage is to your eyes.

The only way a plastic BB could actually cause permanent damage is if it were fired into your eyes. However, people who engage in military simulations with airsoft guns are required to wear ANSI approved eye protection that is guaranteed not to shatter if impacted with a BB. This way you can have your fun without worrying about accidentally hurting someone.

Before each shot you need to cock the gun to exert pressure on a spring-loaded mechanism. When you pull the trigger the pressure on the spring releases and the pellet is propelled out of the gun. Electric airsoft guns use either a rechargeable or lithium-ion battery to power a small electric motor in the stock of the gun.

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